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art therapy services

In our sessions together we will explore expressing feelings, thoughts and emotions in a safe, supported environment using breath work, language, music, meditation and various creative mediums. Some of the mediums used can be poetry,story- telling, drawing, painting collage, clay or journaling and no artistic ability is necessary. What is important is keeping an openness to what creatively comes forward and finding new understandings through the process. We can explore clarity where needed, inspiration when stuck, direction when feeling lost, confidence where it is lacking and through self-awareness generate personal insights.

We will gently explore various emotional, psychological, spiritual and relational aspects of your experiencing and encourage you to let go of what no longer serves you. This process allows you an opportunity for transformation, acceptance and appreciation of yourself.

Exploring your life from within is a key to a successful transitioning and flourishing. The Art Whisperer offers you a personalised approach, since no two people are ever the same.

Services include;