FAQ - The Art Whisperer

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is an interpersonal experience in which a therapist facilitates, guides, witnesses and responds to an individual’s art process and art expressions, based on best practices and current and emerging research. Art therapy is different than self-help experiences in that there is a helping professional and an individual seeking assistance from a therapist to make changes. The relationship between a therapist, an individual, and the art process and art products is essential to art therapy and includes purposeful dialogue and specific therapeutic interventions in response to both process and product. Art Therapy can be used by anyone. It is about the experience and whether you use Art Therapy for support to your well-being, a crisis intervention or problem solving tool with the therapist you get to understand yourself and help make clearer sense of your world.

Where is the evidence that art therapy works?

Evidence based research confirms that creative therapies are very positive in helping heal in times of emotional, physical and psychological difficulties.
Link to some evidence based research.

How long are the sessions?

One hour people find useful. I am guided by you if you wish to extend we can make arrangements in advance.

How do I know The Art Whisperer is the right fit for me?

You can begin with a free 20 minute phone consultation to help determine if the Art Whisperer is the right fit for you. Also taking a look through this website may help you decide if we share in some of the same values.

What about ethics?

My practice is managed according to the Code of Ethics of the Australian and New Zealand Art Therapies Association. Arts Therapists are committed to the absolute welfare of their clients and to the preservation of their human rights and privileges. The following ethical principles serve as a guideline for the professional conduct of Arts Therapists, to ensure integrity and a high standard of Arts Therapy practice. This code affirms the ardent pursuit of professionally responsible actions and the appraisal of ethical issues and their implications, so that Arts Therapists provide services that are ethically sound and therefore in the best interest of their clients.

What about privacy?

The work created by clients is their property and they are encouraged to keep their own work. If that is not possible it can be stored for them. At no time will anything in the client’s session be shared outside the therapeutic relationship. Unless requested and/or agreed to by the client.

Referrals how are they made?

You can self refer or ask your GP, Specialist Doctor, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Social Worker, anyone in community health. Phone or send me an email and I will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss how we can work together or suggest options that may meet your needs more appropriately.