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One to One Counselling & Consultation

My approach in counselling is holistic in that I take a look at each individual in the context of his or her life. Together we find ways to deal with what is currently needing exploration in your life and work towards reaching a place where movement forward is possible. In the first session we will explore your presenting issues, what you hope to gain from therapy/counselling and relevant personal circumstances and background. Treatment plans will be subsequently discussed and implemented over an agreed number of sessions. Whether you wish to resolve a particular issue in a few sessions, or are seeking support for a more complex or pervasive situation, we will find a way of working together to achieve ongoing well-being and deepened self-awareness and acceptance.

I borrow from a diversity of approaches in my counselling and consultation. In general my approach is transpersonal, where each client is viewed individually within the context of their larger life situation. Various meditation and breath work practices may be used to integrate the theme of the given session. Visualisation techniques, aromatherapy oils and music can also be used in consultation with you and can deeply enhance the therapy experience.

I am known for my intuitive and gentle way of getting to the core of your desire for living more fully. There will always be respect, trust, empathy, kindness, support, non-judgement and your boundaries totally honoured.