Clinical Supervision for Art Therapists, Nurses and Allied Health

Art Therapy Clincal Supervision

I offer clinical supervision for art therapists, nurses and allied health staff using an experiential framework. I have clinically supervised occupational therapists, students, social workers, speech therapists and physiotherapists in groups and one on one.

Having worked as an art therapist for over 20 years in public health I have experienced the use of art therapy as a valuable clinical tool. This was confirmed when I collaboratively researched, ran and presented a pilot study using art therapy as a reflective tool for clinical care co-ordinators in a rehabilitation setting at the Arts and Health Conference in Melbourne in 2010.

A supervision session may incorporate such methods as mirroring, companioning, witnessing to increase awareness and growth as a clinician. It will certainly involve a creative multimodal experience. I am a seasoned art therapist/counsellor and practitioner myself, and have worked with doctors, nurses and therapists and understand the complexities of time management, professional standards and relational pressures in the public health setting. I also have a personal and professional commitment to making the vocation of helping others inspiring and based in integrity.