About The Art Whisperer – Art Therapist & Counsellor

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The Art Whisperer is a unique art therapy counselling service offering you a combination of art therapy companioned with traditional dialogue therapy.
You will gently be supported and encouraged to explore your deeper thoughts and feelings during transitional life experiences.
The Art Whisperer can help you create opportunities to discover and make sense of your experiencing using holistic and soul centered approaches that encourage your creative heart and soul to speak.
When cutting through your distracting mind chatter with the use of creative modalities unexpected insights do emerge, leading to the possibility of helpful, insightful understanding and a new openness to healing.

The Art Whisperer offers:

  • Counselling / psychotherapy services and support around mental health issues including stress, depression and anxiety, self-esteem / lack of confidence
  • Grief and loss experiences including bereavement, relationship breakdown and other life crisis events
  • Short and longer term therapy for individuals or couples seeking to resolve issues in their lives
  • Life issues and experiences associated with identifying as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender at all stages of life
  • Workplace matters including stress, bullying and career planning / change
  • Supervision for art therapists and allied health professionals
  • Workshops